Free Remote Installations

Check PC, Download, Unpack, Install, Activate, Test

Each software from group Car & Van, Truck & Bus and Heavy can be downloaded and installed by us remotely for free on one PC.

No charge for the 1st PC. For 2nd PC and every next one the price for remote installation is 50% of the original program price.

Off course customer can install programs on his own on unlimited number of computers (unless there is limitation in number of activations) as every software have very detailed and user friendly how to install instructions.

We will use TeamViewer or AnyDesk for remote access. Before the payment, we will connect and check the PC (Windows, hardware, free disk space, and the download speed).

Program price is 100 EURO. If customer already have premium discount of 20% his price is 80 EURO. We can download and install remotelly for free on PC1. Price for the PC2 and every next one with 50% discount will be 40 EURO.

All softwares from Diagnostic group will be always installed by us. You can see details and price for each software item on the site.